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As a user(s) of this business appraisal / current market appraisal, you have supplied us with confidential material including but not limited to [a] Non verified and unaudited trading results and or financial statements, projections, annualised figures, add-backs, adjustments, financial analysis and reports; [b] related industry averages and/or approximate costs/expenses, projected trading estimations, in order to generate this appraisal.

The intending user(s) of this appraisal agree to not hold Foresight Business Sales agents, employees or representatives responsible for its accuracy, liability, or loss suffered by us in relation to the information contained herein. It will be the intending user(s) responsibility to conduct due diligence necessary to satisfy the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided.

Furthermore, in requesting and using this information, I/WE agree that:

a) It is an appraisal only of the selling price of the business as at the date the appraisal is made.
b) The appraisal of selling price is not a sworn valuation nor can it be relied on as such.
c) The appraisal of selling price is merely an indication of market price whereas real market price can only be determined by the amount a willing purchaser is actually prepared to pay for the business.
d) The accuracy of any information obtained from a third party and used in preparation of the estimate of selling price cannot be guaranteed.
e) There are a number of imponderable and variable facts and matters which can affect the accuracy of the appraisal of selling price given including but not limited to the following:

  1. Interest rates;
  2. Inflation rates;
  3. Changes in zoning and planning classifications;
  4. Changes in Government policy and legislation;
  5. General state of the economy;
  6. Local market fluctuations;
  7. Amount of exposure of the business by advertising and inspections;
  8. Adverse conditions on the day of inspection;
  9. Changes in amenities in the area; and
  10. Changes to the premises itself or neighbouring premises.
  11. Each state Valuer General’s department takes some time to process and release sales data. The typical time frame for most states is 3 months. Appraisals may be based on sales data that has not yet been made available.
  12. The appraisal will be prepared solely for the information of the user(s) and no responsibility is accepted should the appraisal or any part thereof be incorrect or incomplete in any way.
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