Carpet Cleaning (Cash Cow) - Ref ID: 5025

City Kawana
Tenure Mobile / Home based
Asking Price $110,000 WIWO
Description This carpeting cleaning business is real gold mine and the others dont measure up. To start with, they have over 10 real estate offices on their books providing multiple jobs daily. The work is extremely consistent and we have job books to prove it, along with accountants figures. All the plant equipment is top notch including a near new 2014 Toyota Hiace and top of the line carpet cleaning system mounted inside. The system itself is so powerful it makes light work of even the most vile carpets. Their competitors look like amateurs by comparison and you are welcome to come onsite for a look. Once you see the equipment in action, you will be impressed at how a 1 hour job is done in half that time and to a better standard. That is why with the best equipment, work only takes 4 hours day on average including pack-up and travel time. There is also no weekend work, no equipment to replace or repair and no need to find more work. The best part is with rental carpet cleans, there is no furniture to move or people to deal with onsite. Work orders just get emailed. Its perfect really. So, if you are looking a solid income with low overheads, low input plus no night or weekend work, this one is a must see.
Suitability Those seeking a consistent weekly income
Clientele Rental carpets and private clients
TradingDays 5 days only (Mon to Fri). Approx 4 to 5 hours / day
Employees Single owner operator
Reason for Sale Time for a Change
Area Video
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Sunshine Coast

Brendon Falk

p 0412 311 803



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ABN: 80 078 547 245
PO Box 1577 Sunshine Plaza QLD 4558




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