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Hervey Bay


15 Years

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Enjoy the lifestyle and secure income this long established Licensed Post Office (LPO) offers. With consistent earnings as well as consistent growth, this essential services business is one of the best performing in Queensland and there are many reasons for it. Firstly, it is located in one of our state’s most popular coastal cities so in effect the customer base itself is growing. Secondly, the convenience of it’s business precinct location right on the Esplanade gives this LPO both presence and prominence. Size does matter when it comes to the economics of a Post Office, astute buyers will have figured this out by looking at what is available. Very quickly, you will realise that unless it’s big enough, you just don’t get economies of scale and therefore scale of returns, ability to reduce hours and increase retail stock. Fortunately, with this one, it is big and keeps getting bigger with the owner adding more each year. This approach of continuous improvement has paid off with the numbers telling the story. In fact all aspects of this business are impressive it’s hard to fault and I’m so confident of this that I would say to even the most discerning buyers ‘you will be impressed’. Their location is as good as it gets in terms of lifestyle. Do you really want to buy a small LPO in a small regional inland town? You have to live there as opposed to this LPO being situated right opposite the beach. Yes that’s right, you can stroll across the road to the Esplanade Foreshore and beach before or after work. The shop itself is a massive 276m2 with over $100k in retail stock whereas most carry below $50k. Needless to say the retail side is very strong and with a whopping 804 sequentially numbered PO Boxes (mostly near new), box checking and passing trade keeps customer numbers high. Also included are 3 POS terminals, a full length counter, large back office with safe room, lunch room, parcel storage, mail storage and sorting room, our own toilets, kitchen and an internal box suite – all refurbished. Most importantly, the tenancy is backed by a 15 year fully registered lease (3 x 5 years). Other improvements include a 16kw solar system - which has reduced their power bills to a fraction of what they should be, a new automatic door along with all new carpets and floor coverings throughout. Additionally, the glass shelving, coin and PO Box key cabinets are all new. Even the CCTV and shop front signage has just been upgraded so you are buying a business in superb condition. I would hate to think how much has been spent on the refurbishments and yet the asking price is still based upon the actual returns making it incredibly good buying. Additionally, the friendly and professional staff make running the business so much easier. You can step out, step away, take time off and it will be business as usual for them. For a husband and wife running this business, with a full time box sorter (which we employ), you start at 8am and finish at 5pm – Mon to Fri only. No early mornings or late finishes. Figures are prepared on the basis of 1 owner working 5 days and the other working under 4 days, plus 1 Full Time Employee and 1 Casual. It’s actually perfect for that couple looking for that elusive sea-change business with enough income and not too many staff for that smooth transition to retirement over time. In fact as the returns continue to grow, the additional profit could be allocated towards increasing staff hours in order to decrease yours. If you are not a Post Office buyer, you should be aware Post Offices in general have been performing very well for quite some years now. This is largely due to the increase in small parcel trade with online purchases and there is no way this is going to slow down, quite the opposite. Furthermore, other delivery companies have tried to get in on the action and just as many have failed. No one has the infrastructure of Australia Post, period. In fact they have only continued to cement their importance in both urban and regional Australia by adding more and more services into the mix. Most notably MyPost Business and recently Bank@Post have been added in order to improve banking services to Australians. With such a broad range of services complemented by retail trade, they have become a real cash cow and attracted the attention of many investors given their long term consistent performance. If there is such a thing as a ‘Blue Chip’ business, this is it and with Australia Post itself investing hundreds of millions into new state-of-the-art delivery centres (DCs). It’s more than just an iconic brand, it is an incredibly modern company with record revenues of $7.5bn and a massive footprint of 4,330 Post Offices throughout Australia. Again, if you are not familiar with buying a Post Office, here are some basics. It’s not a franchise, it’s a licence in perpetuity and there are no ongoing fees. One of the most attractive features is that everything can be verified through Australia Post generated reports so there is no fudging the figures and its all above board. Also, there is no need to carry a float as all takings are banked at your post office and when you take over, you actually get money transferred on account of the PO Box rental payments which are paid in advance. That said, to be eligible to purchase, you must be an Australian resident and have no criminal record as these are strict requirements of the Australia Post Licensee Application process. So, if you are interested and serious about this opportunity, then we welcome your enquiry. Given the volume of buyers moving to Queensland as well as interested in LPOs, please only enquire if you have the capability to purchase and are actively looking for an LPO in Queensland. Thank you.


Husband & Wife team


Post Office clients


Mon to Fri (5 days only) Sat till 12 (Dec only)


Box sorter, 1 x FTE, 1 x casual plus owners

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