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So what do we need?  Watch the video above or read this below…



What we need is a minimum of 2 years, ideally 3 year adjusted Profit & Loss (P&L).  The term ‘adjusted’ means showing the buyer the total amount of profit available under ordinary operating conditions.  Typically, adjustments can include the removal of the following:-

OWNERS WAGES, FEES & SUPER – as this is a benefit to the owner(s) in addition to the net profit;
PRIVATE BENEFITS – again, this is a benefit to the owner(s) that is not an operational expense;
– these are balance sheet events, not operational expenses;
– This is not a cash expense;
NON-REOCCURRING – These are once off expenses, not normal and reoccurring;
APPORTIONMENT – A portion of an expense which can be removed due to personal use such as motor vehicles and telephone;
GOODS FOR OWN USE – Goods which are purchased through the business for personal use; and
INTEREST & TAXES – Interest depends on the amount finance and taxes depend on the investment structure.

Your accountant will be able to help make the adjustments.  We can talk to your accountant also if you wish.


Plant & Equipment includes assets (chattels) which are to be included in the sale.

This list needs to broken up into:-

WHAT YOU OWN – Referred to as Schedule A;
WHAT YOU LEASE / RENT – Referred to as Schedule B or C;
WHAT YOU DON’T OWN OR LEASE / RENT – Referred to as Schedule D;
DON’T – Include personal property that is not included in the sale;
ALSO DON’T – Include asset values, just the quantity and description; and
TIP! – Keep this list electronic so that it can be updated.


We just need an estimate of your average stock level at this stage.  This figure is quoted us at your ‘landed invoice cost’ EX GST, not retail amount.


IF FREEHOLD – a Copy of the Rates and Water notice;
IF LEASEHOLD – we need a Copy of the Lease Schedule including any amendments and a Copy of the latest rental invoice; and
IF HOME / WEB BASED – there is nothing to provide.


PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS –the better your business looks on screen, the more likely buyers are to inspect and show interest.  People are visual; and
VIDEO (if available)- we do have the facility to integrate video into your listing.  Video can make a big improvement to your listing and the buyer’s overall impression.


We need a summary of what your business has to offer.  The MOST important part is to tell us:-



Please send us any other information that you think we may need.  This might include any Agreements, Licences, Permits, Awards, Reviews, Reports, Brochures & Sales Material.


Once we have received everything, we will send you a copy of the listing.

OUR WEBSITE – Once completed, we will upload your listing our website;
MARKETING –Your listing will also go up on the top Business-for-Sale websites ; and
BUYERS DATABASE – We will send out an alert to our business buyer’s.


ENQUIRY – you will be notified of enquiries by email, text message or phone;
CONFIDENTIALITY – buyers must complete our Confidentiality Agreement, without exception; and
PROGRESS – after they receive the business information, if there is any progress with the buyer, we will let you know.

Thanks for you assistance and we look forward to working with you!

We would love to hear from you!

If we didn't answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.